Good luck Boxer eCard

Good luck Boxer

Here's a very funny good luck eCard! It starts off looking at three stage lights…

3 votes
Afraid of being Myself - Daughter eCard

Afraid of being Myself…

An e-card to show a person’s real feelings for their Mother on her special…

0 votes
Sorry Elephant eCard

Sorry Elephant

The first time I saw this card I actually laughed out loud! This sorry e-card…

8 votes
Good Luck Bungee eCard

Good Luck Bungee

This good luck card starts off with a man looking scared on the top of a bridge…

14 votes

Jennifer Worthington Sent Old Male Stripper

12 minutes ago

Richard Patching Sent Octo Hug

18 minutes ago

Richard Patching Sent Octo Hug

19 minutes ago

Gareth Evans Sent Beautiful Birthday

49 minutes ago

David Morris Sent Birthday Frog Song

19 minutes ago