Happy Life eCard

Happy Life

This cute little animation of the little pink monster with text saying "you…

Lets Make Up eCard

Lets Make Up

If you and your other half have had a lovers tiff, then this eCard is bound…

6 votes
Anniversary Life eCard

Anniversary Life

In this funny e-card you see a middle-aged couple standing in a bluey-grey…

4 votes
Reverse Life eCard

Reverse Life

This is the longest birthday e-card we have produced so far, hopefully it will…

26 votes
Lifesaver Thanks eCard

Lifesaver Thanks

This e-card starts off with a young boy and he is dripping wet, he looks down…

0 votes

Norma Reilly Sent Birthday Beer

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James Gardner Sent Perfect Match Penguins

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Jennifer Worthington Sent Old Male Stripper

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Richard Patching Sent Octo Hug

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Richard Patching Sent Octo Hug

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