1988 April eCard

1988 April

This cool Birthday eCard Begins with a newspaper spinning into the screen.…

0 votes
Blasting Halloween eCard

Blasting Halloween

This funny Halloween e-card will get the recipient giggling when they open…

8 votes
The Last Cigarette eCard

The Last Cigarette

This e-card starts with an extreme close-up of a very unidentifiable source…

3 votes
New Year Blast eCard

New Year Blast

This New Year e-card starts off with a cheeky looking cat and he gets out a…

3 votes
Pull A Minger! eCard

Pull A Minger!

The scene starts with a girl sat with a pint of beer in front of her. The girl…

18 votes

Julie Mason Sent Relax on your Birthday

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Julie Mason Sent Relax on your Birthday

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