News Reader - Ring Me eCard

News Reader - Ring…

This card show's a very dull News Reader who say's 'Urgent news just in.. You…

Mexican eCard


This small eCard animation of a mexican trying to figure out what a phone is,…

Exciting News eCard

Exciting News

This small animation is quite well made the bunny stares at you like it wants…

Please Call... eCard

Please Call...

This e-card can be used to give your friends a kick up the backside to get…

8 votes
Hold My Calls eCard

Hold My Calls

This e-card is another funny blank one which can be adapted for any greeting…

20 votes
Yes (Excited) eCard

Yes (Excited)

This e-card starts off with a picture of a mobile phone ringing. A person picks…

36 votes

Sharon Priestley Sent Happy Baaaaathday

38 minutes ago

Sharon Priestley Sent Happy Baaaaathday

38 minutes ago

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Sue Damms Sent Happy Birthday Picnic

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