Big Supersized Hug eCard

Big Supersized Hug

In this e-card you see a burger sign with a box of chips next to it. A large…

13 votes
No more junk food eCard

No more junk food

In this great ecard, a burger sits in the middle of the screen burping. A caption…

8 votes
Lunch time eCard

Lunch time

In this e-card, the beaver and the rabbit are back in the office again. It's…

8 votes
Sweet and Savoury eCard

Sweet and Savoury

This e-card is designed to send wishes this Thanksgiving Day. A lonely family…

0 votes
Birthday Advice eCard

Birthday Advice

This Birthday e-card starts off with a picture of a gerbil looking goofy and…

65 votes
Santa Training eCard

Santa Training

This Christmas e card starts off showing a calendar and a bit of a weedy looking…

22 votes

BOB & MUM Dickinson Sent Birthday Wax (Rude)

5 minutes ago

BOB & MUM Dickinson Sent Birthday Wax (Rude)

7 minutes ago

Jonathan & Eun-Ho Marden Sent Christmas Turkey Band

45 minutes ago

Geoff Clint Sent Jesus

38 minutes ago

Geoff Clint Sent Xmas Turkey

41 minutes ago