Penguin Pressy eCard

Penguin Pressy

This Christmas e-card starts off with two penguins (a male and female) on a…

3 votes
Relax on Xmas eCard

Relax on Xmas

The scene of this Christmas e-card starts off with a sign pointing to the North…

3 votes
Snowballs! eCard


This Christmas e-card starts off with a father standing in front of a snowy…

3 votes
I Miss You Elephant eCard

I Miss You Elephant

This is about our soppiest e-card we have! The e card starts with a big male…

4 votes
Go On A Date? eCard

Go On A Date?

This e-card stats with a cute little penguin walking on screen and it approaches…

4 votes
I Love You Snake eCard

I Love You Snake

This e-card is a nice picturesque countryside scene of a sunny day and a lovely…

4 votes

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