Mrs. president eCard

Mrs. president

In this very funny and rude ecard Hillary Clinton says "I would have made a…

4 votes
Funny sorry! eCard

Funny sorry!

In this funny little Sorry e-Card we can see a man walking along in his house.…

14 votes
Bad Republican eCard

Bad Republican

This funny eCard begins with text that reads "How many republicans does it…

4 votes
Obama VS McCain eCard

Obama VS McCain

This is a funny political e-Card in which Obama is stood at the top of a very…

2 votes
Fallen for you eCard

Fallen for you

In this sweet e card a girl is walking her dog through the park. She walks…

4 votes
Fancy a drink? eCard

Fancy a drink?

This romantic invitation ecard begins with a cocktail sat in the middle of…

9 votes
Old Car eCard

Old Car

This funny Retro ecard contains an old busted up robin reliant car. Above the…

5 votes
Ageing eCard


In this funny retro ecard and old man in a wheel chair protests his youth.…

1 votes
Birthday Retro eCard

Birthday Retro

This is a funny Retro styled Birthday ecard that shows to people exchanging…

1 votes
Forget the present! eCard

Forget the present!

In this simple retro ecard there is a man to the right of the e-Card Grinning…

5 votes
Growing up eCard

Growing up

Here's another great ecard from the Retro section. It shows an old man dressed…

6 votes
September 1972 eCard

September 1972

This birthday ecard shows three newspaper articles of what happened in the…

0 votes
Wedding Anniversary eCard

Wedding Anniversary

In this sweet wedding anniversary e Card A Man and wife are standing outside…

31 votes
Funny Anniversary eCard

Funny Anniversary

In this short eCard a man is hoovering in the lounge with his wife on the sofa,…

13 votes
Wedding Anniversary eCard

Wedding Anniversary

In this Anniversary e-card a couple are getting married in a church, the wedding…

4 votes
Have a Beer Anniversary eCard

Have a Beer Anniversary

This funny ecard shows a normal couple sitting very relaxed and comfortable…

7 votes
Anniversary Life eCard

Anniversary Life

In this funny e-card you see a middle-aged couple standing in a bluey-grey…

4 votes
I Love You  (From Boy) eCard

I Love You (From Boy)

This ecard begins with a guy looking rather ill. He says "I'm not feeling very…

19 votes
Huge Dinosaur Hug eCard

Huge Dinosaur Hug

In this great e-card you see a city landscape and hear people screaming. The…

14 votes
Girl hug eCard

Girl hug

In this short interactive eCard a love heart falls into the center of the screen,…

29 votes
Hole in the market  eCard

Hole in the market…

This eCard begins with a sign shaped like a dildo, on top of a building saying…

10 votes

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