Fuel prices eCard

Fuel prices

In this great topical e Card, a man pulls up into a petrol station in his red…

8 votes
Camerons Torys eCard

Camerons Torys

In this funny political ecard, a caption saying "Vote Torry and this is what…

9 votes
Ozzy Olympics eCard

Ozzy Olympics

This funny birthday ecard begins with the title "Beijing 2008". It then shows…

4 votes
Gordon Brown joke eCard

Gordon Brown joke

In this funny joke ecard, A question asks "Whats Brown and likes to ruin a…

3 votes
Mrs. president eCard

Mrs. president

In this very funny and rude ecard Hillary Clinton says "I would have made a…

4 votes
Anniversary Romance eCard

Anniversary Romance

This is a very romantic Anniversary eCard in which a we can hear a couple brushing…

29 votes
Funny sorry! eCard

Funny sorry!

In this funny little Sorry e-Card we can see a man walking along in his house.…

14 votes
Let U down eCard

Let U down

In this nice sorry e Card, a balloon shaped like the letter U floats around…

6 votes
I Fluffed Up eCard

I Fluffed Up

In this Sorry e-card, a cat sits in the middle of the screen, bored. After…

10 votes
Bad Republican eCard

Bad Republican

This funny eCard begins with text that reads "How many republicans does it…

4 votes
Obama VS McCain eCard

Obama VS McCain

This is a funny political e-Card in which Obama is stood at the top of a very…

2 votes
Sorry Plum eCard

Sorry Plum

In this funny ecard a small purple blob falls from a tree. and an arrow labeled…

6 votes
Fallen for you eCard

Fallen for you

In this sweet e card a girl is walking her dog through the park. She walks…

4 votes
I miss you (Gone) eCard

I miss you (Gone)

This is a sweet romantic ecard in which a couple are playing in the leaves…

50 votes
The hill eCard

The hill

In this ecard a hiker man stands gazing a two huge hills in the distance. Text…

1 votes
Penny for your thoughts? eCard

Penny for your thoughts?

In this funny e-Card, a woman is holding up a 1p coin, she says "Here's a penny…

4 votes
Retro Fair Trade eCard

Retro Fair Trade

This is a funny ecard in which a set of scales sit on the right hand side of…

0 votes
Jesus Loves You eCard

Jesus Loves You

Here's a very funny Retro ecard, one of my personal favorites; it contains…

5 votes
Retro Einstein eCard

Retro Einstein

Here's a funny Retro e-Card demonstrating the brain power of the old. An Einstin…

4 votes
Old Car eCard

Old Car

This funny Retro ecard contains an old busted up robin reliant car. Above the…

5 votes
Ageing eCard


In this funny retro ecard and old man in a wheel chair protests his youth.…

1 votes

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