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Card Description

Get Well Soon Get Well Soon Naughty

This get well soon e-card starts off with a close up shot of a bowl of soup. The camera zooms out and it reveals itself to be sitting on the lap of a man in traction in hospital. He is all bandaged up and has his arms and legs on bits of rope above him, thus he is not able to reach the soup. The man then thinks and a small think cloud appears next to him so the user can see what he is thinking of. A sexy woman appears and the man gets an erection and his willy grows under the sheets. This pushes the bowl of soup towards him and his face plops into it. Text appears above him saying "Get Well Soon". This get well soon e-card is the most popular one we have and ever though it is a little rude it is not too bad and always brings a smile to the recipients face.

get well soon, funny, rude, sick, hospital, ill, injury, willy, soup, fun, card, cards, ecard, ecards, e-card, e-cards

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