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Card Description

Valentines Day Valentine 4 Girls ;)

The start of this interactive Valentines Day e-card starts off with text saying "you have a secret admirer with 3 special gifts for you. The user then clicks continue and there is a picture of a good looking man wearing an overcoat. When the user clicks continue again he pulls out a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses. When the user clicks continue again he reaches inside the jacked and puts a rose and puts it between his teeth. When the user clicks continue he opens his jacked to reveal a massive dick which the camera zooms in on. Happy Valentines appears. This is a very rude ecard but it is bloody funny and girls love it.

Valentines day, rude, funny, interactive, 4 girls, rose, champagne, cock, card, cards, ecard, ecards, e-card, e-cards

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