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Card Description

Good Luck Good Luck Dare Devil

This is one of my favourite e-cards and it starts off with a funny little bloke. All of a sudden, a hand comes down and plonks a crash helmet on him. The camera zooms out and you see that he is sitting on a girls bicycle and it has a very small engine on the back wheel. The camera zooms out again and you see that the man is too face a really big jump. The camera zooms out again and you see he is going to jump a massive canyon. The engine of the little bike start to rev in a high pitch noise and he pulls a small wheelie and heads towards the ramp. He takes off and the scene is frozen just after he has left the top of the ramp. The camera zooms out again and you see the other side of the canyon is a long way away. Text of "good luck" appears. This good luck e-card is great in so many ways from the actual drawing of it to the well thought out humour behind it.

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