Taking Time eCard

Taking Time

This funny eCard shows an Ostrich with it's head in the ground. The eCard zooms…

Sulk eCard


This small eCard is all about a girl thats going through a time of sulking…

Sorry I forgot! eCard

Sorry I forgot!

This small eCard of an elephant that looks around and then shouts "OOOPPS"…

Sneeze eCard


This get well soon eCard is quite humorous as the ill guy sneezes and covers…

Nice Day eCard

Nice Day

This cute little bunny that you might have seen before bursts out of the ground…

My Mum eCard

My Mum

A nice little eCard depicting the effort Mother's exert to keep their children…

Fortune Cookie - Seek eCard

Fortune Cookie - Seek

This great intereactive eCard shows a man of asian origin flying through the…

Get Well Soon Sneeze eCard

Get Well Soon Sneeze

This eCard is about a little monster thats extremely ill and wont stop sneezing,…

You eCard


A good old fashioned story of a Father helping his son achieve his goal of…

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Tina Micklewright Sent Voted Worlds Greatest Mum

16 days ago

Kayte Warren Sent Cheer Up

8 days ago

Trish Clark Sent Thank You Monster

24 days ago

Michaela Litt Sent Sorry I made you cry

30 days ago

Michaela Litt Sent Sorry I made you cry

30 days ago

The expressions eCards category at BirthdayeCards.com is all about sending expressive messages that are less like greetings cards and more like animated thoughts to your recipients. The kind of designs we have in this category are funny, cute, friendly and pretty cool and most of them are just quick notes to say anything from 'Hello' to 'Call me' to 'Cheer Up!'. They're a great non-offensive and non-obtrusive way to get across your feelings to your recipients whatever little things they might be. Send as many as you like, for free, via email, Facebook or Twitter to a friend or member of your family. Put a smile on someone's face with a quirky little expression card.