Email Me! eCard

Email Me!

This funny animation is of a virus attacking a computer and it has two little…

1 votes
FaceIt eCard Cheer Up! eCard

Cheer Up!

Do you know someone who needs a big cheering up? Then this vibrant and funky…

23 votes
Hi There! eCard

Hi There!

The old Jack in the Box is used in this e card to say "Hello" to your recipient.…

8 votes
Hang In There Little Guy eCard

Hang In There Little…

This uplifting e-card shows a poor little frog extremely sad and low and close…

19 votes
Cheer Up eCard

Cheer Up

This e-card is for cheering up your friends. It starts off with a kite struggling…

10 votes
Exciting News eCard

Exciting News

This small animation is quite well made the bunny stares at you like it wants…

Youre Old eCard

Youre Old

Do you never get bored of taking the fun out of people by calling them old?…

0 votes

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Kam Singh Dehal Sent Exciting News

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We've loads of ecards which have other saying and expressions like cheer up, email me, call me and hang in there. All our ecards are completely free to send. You can have the ecards delivered by email or even post directly to someones timeline on facebook.