Dogs Valentines  eCard

Dogs Valentines

This small animation of a clear night sky, with a dog a the end of a canyon…

Yummy Prey eCard

Yummy Prey

This romantic e-card shows a male Indian walking through the jungle shortly…

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Opposites Attract eCard

Opposites Attract

This romantic e-card starts off with a a man and woman, they see each other…

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U and I eCard

U and I

This romantic e-card starts off with a man standing in front of his house.…

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Be My Queen eCard

Be My Queen

This romantic e-card starts off with a very bored looking king sitting on his…

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When you are fist going out with someone or ever looking to ask someone on a date then this selection of eCards could be for you. We have lots of fun cheeky e cards for you to send a prospective partner. All the cards are free and you can even post them to facebook.