FaceIt eCard Birthday Village People eCard

Birthday Village People

This Birthday eCard features 4 people, a policeman, builder, Indian and a cowboy.…

709 votes
Happy Cats eCard

Happy Cats

This happy birthday eCard is shown to you by a small family of cats and a mouse…

1 votes
FaceIt eCard Birthday Elvis Dance eCard

Birthday Elvis Dance

This birthday eCard features Elvis singing jail house rock. He is dancing and…

155 votes
Easter Chick eCard

Easter Chick

This little animation of a little baby chick thats standing onto of an easter…

Beast Love Song eCard

Beast Love Song

This funny card is a romantic love song sung by an ugly beast. Accompanying…

3 votes
FaceIt eCard Old Lang Syne New Year eCard

Old Lang Syne New…

This New Year eCard features four characters singing along to the song Old…

59 votes

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Justin Bieber turns 16…and gets the keys to P Diddy’s Lambo!

Justin Bieber turns 16…and gets the keys to P Diddy’s Lambo!

Superstar rapper P.Diddy promised to hand over the £131,000 car when young popstar Justin Bieber was old enough to drive. And true to his word he was spotted on Tuesday behind the wheel of Diddy’s white Gallardo Spyder with his…

Birthday celebrations around the world

Birthday celebrations around the world

Our family history, culture, language and economic status all plays a huge part in how we celebrate our birthday. From a lavish do with hundreds of guests and champagne, to a quiet meal with your family at home, everyone has…