Sulk eCard


This small eCard is all about a girl thats going through a time of sulking…

Extremely Sorry eCard

Extremely Sorry

This funny eCard depicts a man sitting down talking to the recipient, explaining…

1988 March eCard

1988 March

This cool Birthday eCard Begins with a newspaper spinning into the screen.…

5 votes
March 1974 eCard

March 1974

This birthday ecard shows three newspaper articles of what happened in the…

5 votes
The Last Cigarette eCard

The Last Cigarette

This e-card starts with an extreme close-up of a very unidentifiable source…

2 votes
Belated Birthday eCard

Belated Birthday

This is a fun ecard for those of you that have forgotten somebody’s birthday.…

Time Stands Still eCard

Time Stands Still

This is a sad but romantic e-card. It starts with a man appearing sad, sat…

2 votes
Cheer Up eCard

Cheer Up

This e-card is for cheering up your friends. It starts off with a kite struggling…

4 votes
Happy Thanksgiving Farmer eCard

Happy Thanksgiving…

This Thanksgiving e-card starts off with a picture of a farmer who is sitting…

4 votes

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Michael Warren Sent Happy Baaaaathday

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Saving Saving Saving but getting no where!

Saving Saving Saving but getting no where!

We are maxing out our servers with this new product we have Launched “FACE IT” and while the new servers we have ordered come online we will be experiencing a temporary problem.  This problem occurs when you are using the…