Shooting star eCard

Shooting star

This great good luck eCard begins with a message saying "Here's a shooting…

28 votes
Extremely Sorry eCard

Extremely Sorry

This funny eCard depicts a man sitting down talking to the recipient, explaining…

FaceIt eCard Punish me! Female eCard

Punish me! Female

Listen up ladies! Have you done something you shouldn’t have? Well we might…

12 votes
Snail New Home  eCard

Snail New Home

In this funny good luck eCard, a snail is hanging around in the garden when…

15 votes
Crossmouse eCard


This christmas e-card starts off with a mouse appearing on screen and looking…

31 votes

Martyn Chandley Sent Birthday Cake

19 minutes ago

Gilly Johns Sent Beautiful Birthday

33 minutes ago

The Mackays Sent Birthday Frog Song

8 minutes ago

Jo & Brian Cunningham Sent Birthday Frog Song

18 minutes ago

Elke Verheijen Sent Happy Baaaaathday

35 minutes ago

Birthday celebrations around the world

Birthday celebrations around the world

Our family history, culture, language and economic status all plays a huge part in how we celebrate our birthday. From a lavish do with hundreds of guests and champagne, to a quiet meal with your family at home, everyone has…

7 Awesome Sites to Have Fun with Photographs

7 Awesome Sites to Have Fun with Photographs

Everyone loves to take photographs and edit them. From changing faces and bodies of your friends to retouching photographs, everyone has done photo editing at one time or the other. There are thousands of things you can do with your…