Happy New Year eCard

Happy New Year

This e-card is very sweet and will make the recipient grateful to have you…

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Seaside Birthday eCard

Seaside Birthday

This scenic birthday eCard takes place at the beach. it begins with a woman…

13 votes
Warm Birthday Wishes eCard

Warm Birthday Wishes

This is a very relaxing eCard in which a butterfly flutters it's way across…

14 votes
Peace eCard


This small, simple and chilled animation of a picture of the earth and text…

Relax on your Birthday eCard

Relax on your Birthday

This very warm looking eCard gives off a relaxed and peaceful message. This…

4 votes
A Flowery Thank You eCard

A Flowery Thank You

This thank you e-card starts off with flowers of different shapes and sizes…

22 votes

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Yvonne Hoefmans Sent Monster Happy Birthday

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Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress

There are many national holidays us Brits celebrate throughout the year, from legendary New Years Eve parties to creepy Halloween Do’s! No matter the event, we love to get all dressed up for the occasion; there’s nothing more entertaining than…

Time Capsule to mark John Lennon’s 70th birthday

Time Capsule to mark John Lennon’s 70th birthday

A time capsule in celebration of John Lennon’s life will be buried on his 70th birthday. Three pods will be buried on October 9th and will not be opened until 2040. Fans of The Beatles star are being called by…