No (U Loser) eCard

No (U Loser)

This is a bit of a harsh reply e-card - it starts off with a hand pointing…

2 votes
U R Dumped eCard

U R Dumped

The scene of this e-card starts of with a massive tiered wedding cake with…

2 votes

Martyn Chandley Sent Birthday Cake

16 minutes ago

Gilly Johns Sent Beautiful Birthday

30 minutes ago

The Mackays Sent Birthday Frog Song

4 minutes ago

Jo & Brian Cunningham Sent Birthday Frog Song

14 minutes ago

Elke Verheijen Sent Happy Baaaaathday

32 minutes ago

Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

We have always tried to provide a completely free service and fund this entirely through advertising. We want to provide the best ecard content on the web today and be the biggest ecard supplier in the world. In order to…