U R Dumped eCard

U R Dumped

The scene of this e-card starts of with a massive tiered wedding cake with…

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Martyn Chandley Sent Birthday Cake

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Gilly Johns Sent Beautiful Birthday

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The Mackays Sent Birthday Frog Song

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Jo & Brian Cunningham Sent Birthday Frog Song

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Elke Verheijen Sent Happy Baaaaathday

32 minutes ago

Getting Bored at Work?

Getting Bored at Work?

We all know the workplace is the last place you really want to be today however, like everyone else, you have to be! Getting bored at the workplace is possibly the worst however. Not only does it stress you out…

8 Great Occasions to Send an eCard

8 Great Occasions to Send an eCard

In 1982, very few people would have predicted that mail, of all services, would grow almost completely unnecessary within 30 years. The entire world was built on direct mail contact – letters, bills, and even legal documents were all sent…