Bake a Cake eCard

Bake a Cake

This is a fun, interactive Birthday eCard in which the recipient gets to bake…

58 votes
Happy Baaaaathday eCard

Happy Baaaaathday

This Birthday eCard starts off with a stage lit by two spotlights and a sheep…

1274 votes
Better and Better eCard

Better and Better

A nice pleasant eCard which starts off with the words 'Love You' popping up…

1 votes
Birthday Frog Song eCard

Birthday Frog Song

This is a fun birthday e card. It starts off with a pond and the reads are…

533 votes
Blooming Birthday eCard

Blooming Birthday

This lovely eCard is perfect for saying happy birthday to a special friend,…

23 votes
Birthday Cake eCard

Birthday Cake

This birthday card starts off featuring a birthday cake with 1 birthday candle…

818 votes
Shooting star eCard

Shooting star

This great good luck eCard begins with a message saying "Here's a shooting…

28 votes
Happy New Year eCard

Happy New Year

This e-card is very sweet and will make the recipient grateful to have you…

0 votes
Beautiful Birthday eCard

Beautiful Birthday

Here is a soothing eCard designed for you to send to someone on their birthday.…

14 votes
New Baby eCard

New Baby

This animation is of a baby that bounces in on a bungee and puts a huge smile…

2 votes
Rising love eCard

Rising love

This romantic interactive Valentine’s Day ecard starts off with the user…

94 votes
FaceIt eCard Golf Birthday eCard

Golf Birthday

If you know someone who is a keen golfer and it is also their birthday coming…

24 votes

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Why you should NEVER forget your girlfriend’s birthday

Why you should NEVER forget your girlfriend’s birthday

Oh my days, possibly the worst case scenario you can possibly face. Forgetting your girlfriend of wife’s birthday is an absolute nightmare situation that you really must try and avoid at all costs. And in all honesty there really is…

New Royal Mail postage charges cause confusion

New Royal Mail postage charges cause confusion

Royal Mail’s income from customer penalty fees rocketed to 50 per cent after it created mass confusion by changing the way it charges for letters. In August 2006 the organisation moved to a system of charging based on the size…

Clinton Cards sales have weakened

Clinton Cards sales have weakened

Greeting cards retailer Clinton Cards said the total sales since its last statement in May have been weaker than expected.  Their total sales are expected to be about 2 per cent behind the board’s previous expectations, impacted by the disproportionately poor…