Bake a Cake eCard

Bake a Cake

This is a fun, interactive Birthday eCard in which the recipient gets to bake…

58 votes
Birthday Cake eCard

Birthday Cake

This birthday card starts off featuring a birthday cake with 1 birthday candle…

818 votes
Old Man Birthday Cake eCard

Old Man Birthday Cake

This eCard shows a typical birthday cake with text flashign above it which…

4 votes
FaceIt eCard Old Female Stripper eCard

Old Female Stripper

This eCard is very rude so watch out! It starts off with a big birthday cake…

56 votes
Cheeky Slice of Cake eCard

Cheeky Slice of Cake

This simple ecard shows a very greedy and eager person who grabs a slice of…

5 votes
Birthday Shades eCard

Birthday Shades

This birthday e-card starts off with a man standing in a room whilst putting…

0 votes
Birthday Suprise eCard

Birthday Suprise

This e-card is great for Birthdays and it commences with a lady sat at her…

2 votes
Birthday Cake (Rude!) eCard

Birthday Cake (Rude!)

This Birthday ecard starts off with a tired birthday cake with a rocking figure…

39 votes

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Tasteful birthday cards!

Tasteful birthday cards!

Birthday cards have been getting a little fancy and pricey over the years. From over-sized birthday cards, pop up cards and ¬†musical cards, there is no stopping the greeting cards industry, and now it has got even tastier. A Brooklyn-based…

8 Great Occasions to Send an eCard

8 Great Occasions to Send an eCard

In 1982, very few people would have predicted that mail, of all services, would grow almost completely unnecessary within 30 years. The entire world was built on direct mail contact – letters, bills, and even legal documents were all sent…

Think of your Mum this Mothering Sunday.

Think of your Mum this Mothering Sunday.

Valentine’s Day, and Shrove Tuesday (or pan cake day!) are over, now we must prepare for the next holiday, Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to show your Mum how much you value her and appreciate everything she…