Hole in the market  eCard

Hole in the market…

This eCard begins with a sign shaped like a dildo, on top of a building saying…

2 votes
Roll on friday! eCard

Roll on friday!

In this e Card the beaver is staggering across the office, looking absolutely…

3 votes
Great meeting! eCard

Great meeting!

In this funny e-card, a beaver and a rabbit are in a meeting. A walrus is blabbering…

4 votes
Let eCard


In this ecard a beaver and a rabbit are at a very boring meeting, the rabbit…

4 votes
Rabbit Slacker! eCard

Rabbit Slacker!

This is a great e-card to tell a work mate to "Stop slacking!", as the e Card…

2 votes
Make the tea! eCard

Make the tea!

In this funny e-card, the beaver is back in the office standing by the photocopier.…

4 votes
Hard worker eCard

Hard worker

This ecard begins with two work-mates in the office. One of them is working…

4 votes
Congratulations Work eCard

Congratulations Work

This congratulations ecard starts off with view of a city skyline. You then…

3 votes

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New Royal Mail postage charges cause confusion

New Royal Mail postage charges cause confusion

Royal Mail’s income from customer penalty fees rocketed to 50 per cent after it created mass confusion by changing the way it charges for letters. In August 2006 the organisation moved to a system of charging based on the size…

ecards vs. traditional birthday card

ecards vs. traditional birthday card

The ecard has taken the greetings card world by storm and High Street shops have seen a drop over the past few years. And the fall has been blamed on the rise of the ecard, an electronic greeting sent via…

Cheer your work colleagues up with an ecard

Cheer your work colleagues up with an ecard

If your work colleague is feeling a little stressed or down in the dumps why not cheer them up with one of the fantastic free ecards at ecards.co.uk? Whether you are just telling them to have a good day or…