Go for a Coffee? eCard

Go for a Coffee?

This card starts off with a bird behind a coffee stool in the rain, then two…

4 votes
Happy Hanukkah eCard

Happy Hanukkah

This simple ecard is here to help you spread the word and greetings this Hanukkah.…

4 votes
Charades... eCard


This e-card is very rude but probably the funniest one we have made to date.…

3 votes
Scared Slag eCard

Scared Slag

This e-card starts off with a picture of a slightly tubby looking hooker standing…

3 votes
Mountain View eCard

Mountain View

This e-card is just great and men will probably find it funnier than girls.…

3 votes
Bloody Men eCard

Bloody Men

This is a really anti male e-cad for women and it is dead funny! It starts…

4 votes
Hold My Calls eCard

Hold My Calls

This e-card is another funny blank one which can be adapted for any greeting…

4 votes
Left Out eCard

Left Out

This e-card is another blank one which can be used for any situation and it…

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Record GCSE Results again!

Record GCSE Results again!

I have just had a very excited little sister on the phone delighted, as she should be, with her GCSE results; ‘Oh my god Sarah, I can’t believe it; 5 A*’s, 4 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 C. I am so…



Fox attacks on humans are not common but have been reported. In July 2002, a fourteen week old baby was attacked in a house in Dartford, Kent. In November 2008 an incident in the USA was reported, in which a jogger…

Time Capsule to mark John Lennon’s 70th birthday

Time Capsule to mark John Lennon’s 70th birthday

A time capsule in celebration of John Lennon’s life will be buried on his 70th birthday. Three pods will be buried on October 9th and will not be opened until 2040. Fans of The Beatles star are being called by…