Birthday Wax (Rude) eCard

Birthday Wax (Rude)

This Birthday e-card is the most popular card on the site at the moment. It…

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August 1989 eCard

August 1989

This birthday ecard shows three newspaper articles of what happened in August…

Miss U eCard

Miss U

This I miss you e card starts off with a city skyline and you see activity…

Where are You eCard

Where are You

This e-card is for sending to people who have disappeared and you want to get…

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Sheridan Walker Sent Birthday Cake

17 minutes ago

Adam Dean Sent Relax on your Birthday

23 minutes ago

Mary Kavanagh Sent Good Luck Dare Devil

18 minutes ago

Sian Ellard Sent Birthday Frog Song

17 minutes ago

Susanne Gullen Sent Beautiful Birthday

38 minutes ago