Angelfish  eCard


This card has a weird feel but a humorous feel. Two penguins place a fish with…

Happy Birthday My Angel Babe eCard

Happy Birthday My…

This romantic Birthday eCard will make you're lover feel the romance on their…

4 votes
Friends are Angels eCard

Friends are Angels

This card has a nice friendly feeling. We see two angels, one female, and one…

3 votes
Best Dad in the World eCard

Best Dad in the World

Fathers Day is coming around again and with this e-card he wont be able to…

Fairys Revenge eCard

Fairys Revenge

This Christmas e-card starts off with a little angel who has been stuck to…

4 votes

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Grannie caught thief with a birthday card camera

Grannie caught thief with a birthday card camera

No this is not a hi-tech birthday card, but a rather clever Granny who caught her thieving carer pinching her pension; by hiding a mini camera behind a birthday card.Eileen Forte, 87, who suffered from a stroke, got her granddaughter…