Mrs. president eCard

Mrs. president

In this very funny and rude ecard Hillary Clinton says "I would have made a…

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Greeting Card Association

Greeting Card Association

So Channel 4 did a piece covering the demise of Clinton Cards last week and in the piece featured a lady called Sharon Little (pictured below).  In this piece she said that eCards were just a “bit of an insult”…

Clinton Cards Fail (we told you so!)

Clinton Cards Fail (we told you so!)

So it was quite a week – our major competitor Clinton Cards went into administration and you know what we always thought it was just a matter of time.  We have put together 5 reasons why we think they failed.…

Clinton Cards sales have weakened

Clinton Cards sales have weakened

Greeting cards retailer Clinton Cards said the total sales since its last statement in May have been weaker than expected.  Their total sales are expected to be about 2 per cent behind the board’s previous expectations, impacted by the disproportionately poor…