Thank you (Rude!) eCard

Thank you (Rude!)

This Thank You e-card starts off showing a woman in a full PVC bondage gear…

23 votes
Thanks for your Support eCard

Thanks for your Support

This Thank You e-card commences with a close up shot of a dog lying in a hammock…

25 votes
Thank You Very Much eCard

Thank You Very Much

This Thank You e-card starts off with a present and the camera zooms out and…

139 votes
Thank You Rap eCard

Thank You Rap

This song is made just for the person you want to send it to, this will not…

Thank You Hog eCard

Thank You Hog

This eCard shows a Hog rising from underneath some water. Text appears saying…

Thanks for Swinging By! eCard

Thanks for Swinging…

Tarzan and Jane re-visited in this e-card which ends with a sweet heart-felt…

0 votes
Friends Like You Monkey eCard

Friends Like You Monkey

This cute fun e-card shows a monkey trying to jump up a tree to get to the…

0 votes
Thank You Green man eCard

Thank You Green man

This thank you e-card starts off with a little green man on stage and text…

0 votes
Lifesaver Thanks eCard

Lifesaver Thanks

This e-card starts off with a young boy and he is dripping wet, he looks down…

0 votes

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A Great Way to Say Thank You

A Great Way to Say Thank You

Sending someone an eCard is a great way to say thank you to them. it’s quick, simple and very effective. not only will the recipient be pleased with your message, but will laugh, smile and maybe even cry?! This depends…

eCards are a great way to say 'Thank You' to those friends that are hard to get hold of. You might want to say 'Thank You' for something you're really grateful for, but doing it verbally might not quite show the extent of your gratitude. If you want to really let someone know that you're really thankful for something they've done for you recently, send them an eCard! Thank you eCards are great to send and receive and they really lighten up your Inbox. Your recipient will really appreciate the effort you have gone to in getting your message across, which is ironic considering ecards at are really simple and easy to use! All of our e-cards are completely free and can be sent to your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter.