Take Control - Dad eCard

Take Control - Dad

We all know that deep down all Dad wants to do on Fathers Day is sit in front…

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Super Dad eCard

Super Dad

Set against the unmistakable music of the great Superman movies, this ecard…

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Happy Monkeys Day eCard

Happy Monkeys Day

One for the Dads out there waiting to be sent on Fathers Day by their own cheeky…

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Famida Begum Sent Love you Daddy

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Esther Stocker Sent Love you Daddy

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Lotta Wetterstrand-undery Sent Super Dad

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Fathers Day Free Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Free Gift Ideas

Most Dads in this world are fed up to the back teeth of receiving dodgy ties, socks or a new mug for the office.  We have come up with 10 things which you can do for you Dad which we…

Congratulations Lee

Congratulations Lee

Lee our Sales Director is the proudest man alive. His partner Emma and him had a bouncing baby boy yesterday morning. They are going to call him Kaiyron we are not sure of the weight of the little nipper. Lee…

Top 10 Fathers Day Presents

Top 10 Fathers Day Presents

Here is our list of 10 great snazzy products which you dad will love. 1) Leapmotion.com:  This is a hands free controller for your TV or Laptop.  Just wave your hands in front of the TV and the sensor monitors…

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